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Who We Are

Framing Life Media was founded in Bowling Green, KY in 2015 when Bryan Grubb's passion for video editing as a creative outlet began to warrant more of his time. His beautiful, loving, supportive wife, Sarah (who is also an amazing writer for website introductions), jumped on board without hesitation as any awesome, stunningly gorgeous wife would. After moving to Richmond in 2016, Bryan rekindled his high school friendship with Jacob Kirby who had since become a camera-wielding superstar. They joined forces and made FLM even better! 

Wedding videography is our passion because we know what it's like to NOT have a wedding video! Back in our day, the cool highlight films we produce weren't a thing. What a neat way to document not only your beautiful day, but pieces of your love story to share your whole life through! We love giving people that option at a fair price with incredible customer service. 

Since we started, our services have branched out into other settings. We are trying our hand in commercial work, the music scene, and community events. Look around a bit, and then let us know how we can help tell your story. 

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